About Us

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At Ismail dental Hospital we believe that together we and you can form a team to work together for better result expectation and more reliable treatment outcome

we have established Ismail Dental Hospital, with very high aim in both personal and professional life , we are thankful to all of you for your support to making this come true , due to your vast and overwhelm response it allows us to perform best without any compromise.


our aim is to provide world class dental services in every small corner of our country , that too at affordable prices

medical treatment is considered to be one of the basic fundamental rights , and every one whether rich or poor, white or black ,tall or short deserve equal treatment attention , so we aim to provide same treatment without any discrimination



symbol of excellence

              symbol of excellence

Those who chase perfection achieve excellence , your health is most precious thing you have, and we believe no one want to compromise with health,excellence require continuous hard work and continuous improvement till perfection



humble leadership is key of team success

Humble Leadership Is Key Of Team Success



Leader are truly followed when they         loved by their followers, it can be possible when leaders are humble to others.doctors at our clinic are easily approachable and dedicated to their patient's dental need as well as clearing doubts regarding any treatment with enthusiasm and energy


pt. centered clinic

          Pt. Centered Clinic

Nothing matters more for us when it comes to our patient , our prime focus is to benefit our patients with all possible efforts.we believe in a practice which is patient centered rather than keeping it money centered patient satisfaction and patient comfort is our prime focus.we offer all possible treatment option based on your personal need, as some times default treatment is not best for you (keeping your specific need and requirement in mind) so we design special treatment for your special need




Ismail Dental Hospital has various staff, and work of every staff is well divide and its our special ability that each one of us perform their part with responsibility that is why we say  "you can miss an appointment ,but we don't let you"...we have a specialized protocol for visit reminder calls and surprised followup calls because we not only cure your smiles but also touch your hearts  that is why we promise to give you a friendly ambiance


team work is key to success

Team Work Is Key To Success

Greater goals can only be achieved with team work, a machine will work only when every part of it even a small screw work in perfect co ordination.so we have a team of doctors specialized in their own area of field to work together under one roof with an aim to make smiles brighter,shiner and healthier.team does not only mean doctors you are treated with...but also it include the person whom you first meet in an office







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