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December 25, 2015
pre operative radiograph of tooth

wisdom tooth extraction ( management of tooth, complication created by quack )

  when anyone visits a doctor , he wants the removal of pain.and as a doctor, we are committed to that without any doubt  sometimes saving money can be very dangerous i.e visiting to non-certified doctors (self-claimed) or quacks or a street dentist sometimes ignorance is also very dangerous, before going to a doctor confirm that whether he is a doctor or not, you can not take a risk on your health because many things in the body can't be correct once lost 

What Is A Quack 

a quack is someone who is not qualified enough for the treatment he is going to perform or he is performing , usually Quacks are someone working with qualified doctors for a year or more, then star observing how to do a certain thing and starts a clinic independently. and people start visiting them without any knowledge that they are not a doctor, innocent people only thinks they are economical or cheap but the

December 12, 2015

  RCT (root canal treatment)

Before knowing what root canal treatment is? we have to know what root canal is?

 What is root canal

As we all know those teeth is a living thing, it has its own nerve , blood supply, and others necessary structures

In most easy language, space inside tooth and root of tooth is called as root canal , these structures inside root canal are very useful for tooth, but it also has the capability to feel the pain(that’s the catch)

 Why teeth feel pain

There can be many reasons for pain in tooth but here we are discussing only those pain which involves root canal 

8 October 2, 2015

Replacement Of Tooth

As the life passes some things are bound to happen , loss of tooth is one of them ,sometime early sometimes late ,sometimes knowingly sometimes unknowingly , sometime due to planed extraction by a dental surgeon some times by accident .but yes everyone loose teeth,   All of your teeth play various important function like mastication (eating ), phonation (speaking of various alphabets), maintenance of proper alignment of other tooth , maintenance of facial muscles position, maintenance of facial symmetry  thanks to technological advancement in dentistry we have a lot of options in replacement of tooth

Depending upon your
  • age,
  • health
  • economical condition ,
  • gingival and periodontal health

October 2, 2015

Painless Tooth Removal

we at Ismail Dental Hospital are never a fan of teeth removal, but in some situation where it is impossible to save a tooth then removal of it can be done for greater good we are never in hurry of removing tooth, so we take utmost care to make it painless

 How Pain Less Removal Of Tooth Is Possible

Local Anesthesia is a key for all the Painless dental procedure , a small injection (we can apply topical LA prior to injection so that you even don't fell the injection) will cause the numbness of teeth under consideration and after that you will not feel a things

 Numbness(L.A) vs Unconsciousness (G.A)

we love to do all our procedure under LA which has its advantage , when we do treatment (under LA) we can communicate with our pt. and pt. can tell how he is feeling for more information about Advantage of LA for both doctor an