Diagnosis Of Oral Diseases

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Diagnosis of oral diseases

Every medical treatment consists of 2 steps, first is diagnosis (identifying a disease) and second is treatment of that diseases,

And first is more important


Why diagnosis is most important

There is various reason because of which I consider is more important

  1. Need of diagnosis
  2. Economical
  3. Life treating
  4. Pain , pain , pain
  5. Prevention is better than cure


1) Need of diagnosis :-

treatment without a correct diagnosis is like a blind man trying to tell you how a elephant look like

  • If he touches its leg he will tell you that elephant is like pillar
  • If he touches the ear of elephant, he will tell you elephant is like pan
  • If he touches his trunk, then he will tell you that elephant is like anaconda

Without a correct diagnosis there is only 1% chance that, what treatment your docter is giving can benefit you

If your problem is undiagnosed then it doesn’t matter whether you are going to a super specialty clinic or a quack



“dental treatment is not costly, but ignorance does”

Any dental diseases , if got undiagnosed in first visit then it will lead your doctor to a wrong set of treatment, which lead you to lot of money and many frequent visits


Life threatening

With god blessing , we are in that branch of health care where life treat is minimal, but cost of ignorance can be anything

Simple miss diagnosis can become a cancer

Simple miss diagnosis, can be a ludwing angia

There is no limit of such cases, sometimes even we are socked when got some pt. misdiagnosed by somewhere else, believe me some of them are even beyond explanation , I think you got the point what I am trying to make


Pain , Pain , Pain

Most of time when you visit your doctor you are in some kind of pain, if your doctor by any chance miss diagnosed you case, it is sure you are going to suffer with pain little longer until your doctor realized his/her mistake and correct himself or herself may god helps you if your doctor misdiagnosed you second times

In some condition misdiagnosed and lead to wrong medication which can worsen you condition



Prevention is better than cure

The statement stand for itself, every disease show certain indication prior to its occurrence & its point where it can be prevented to save your valuable time , to save your valuable money ,to save your valuable health and comfort


Ok it means diagnosis is very important , is it difficult??

Hum, kind off , its it that part of medical science where art of medical science comes in play, it depends on doctor to doctor


Why it is difficult

There can be number of reason why diagnosis of a disease is difficult, most common reason I am telling you

  • Differential diagnosis :- every disease shows some symptoms , but real problem starts when other diseases also has same symptoms

For e.g. bird flu, swine flu and normal cold has same symptoms just think what will happen if your swine flu is diagnosed as normal cold

  • Pain perception :- every human have different pain threshold and have different pain perception, if we tell a patient to tell us what amount of pain he is feeling on a scale of 0 to 10 , 0 being no pain at all and 10 being I am going to die, then in same pain condition different people choose different numbers
  • Body reactions :- every human has different body and so, we usually found different variation a disease, it means if a disease has normally 6 symptoms most of individual shows 4-5 symptoms and other individual will shows other 4-5 symptoms
  • Body response:- different human shows different response to same medication, in same medical condition, so sometime for a doctor it become confusing why a disease is not responding to a medication
  • Lab error:– for being confirm for a disease, a doctor usually ask for some test , and problem comes when the result of test was not correct, false positive ,false negative


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